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30 Years Experience

Regulated by RICS

Commercial and Corporate

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Why choose Meadow Consultants?

The Directors at Meadow Consultants are highly qualified and each have nearly 20 years experience within the building and insurance sectors.

Our team of Chartered Surveyors are regulated by the RICS to ensure that the highest ethical standards and impartiality is maintained. It may be that you do not require our services, but a call or emailed enquiry to us will at least provide you with the basic information needed to progress.

Meadow Consultants have spent many years working within the commercial and corporate environment which has been invaluable in gaining access and experience to a variety of clients and projects.

However, at times due to the sheer size of the organisations, ownership of projects and ‘the personal touch’ can be lost. A drive to provide a customer focussed, locally based product to provide clients with a service that they can rely on was the main factor in Meadow Consultants conception.

Meet the Meadow Consultants team

Meadow Consultants is a small but able team of Chartered Surveying Professionals. David Crean and Ben John are the Directors of the company with over 30 years combined experience, and personally deal with day to day activity to ensure that customer focus is maintained.

A small network of partnered consultants are also linked to the company to provide a full range of surveying and structural services.

Our Process

When dealing with Meadow Consultants, we like to keep things simple for you. We stick to the same tried and tested process.
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