At Meadow Consultants Ltd, we provide a full range of residential surveys and can tailor our offerings to suit your needs.

Choosing the right survey will identify any serious or potential problems and advise of specific risks before committing to purchasing a property.


Depending on the level of Residential Surveys chosen, in basic terms a survey is an inspection of the property by an experienced Chartered Building Surveyor. The aim is to provide an overall assessment of the property which can help you decide if it is worthwhile proceeding with the purchase.


Yes. A good fully informed residential survey will provide peace of mind if the property is deemed to be in good condition.  It also highlights defects and maintenance concerns that you will be made aware of prior to purchase so you are aware of any liabilities you may inherent on exchange. Such issues can be expensive to resolve and therefore the price may be renegotiated if serious concerns are highlighted.  Clients have saved thousands of pounds as a result of our residential surveys.

In the worst case scenario that you pull out of the purchase following the findings of the survey, you can be rest assured that you have avoided significant and costly headaches in the future.


This can be true.  Be very careful when choosing the Surveying Practice carrying out the inspection.  Many companies who carry out high quantity surveys at relatively low cost can be known to provide very little or generic detail with a range of caveats referring to other specialists. Commonly no photographs are provided.  This is one of the reasons Meadow Consultants was formed. Our reports are fully detailed and aim to provide qualified assessments on each element of the property. Due to our structural expertise we expand on sections were required to detail and explain any defects observed.  Only where further investigation is absolutely required is where it is recommend.  Each section of the Meadow reports contains photographs to make the report user friendly as opposed to a text book.

Is a Mortgage Valuation a survey?

No. A mortgage lenders’ valuation report is NOT a survey and simply advises the lender whether or not the property is deemed to be reasonable security for loan purposes.


This report is suitable if you’re buying or selling a conventional house, flat or bungalow built from common building materials and in reasonable condition. It focuses purely on the basic condition of the property and does not include a valuation or advice on repairs or ongoing maintenance. It is generally better suited to modern properties less than twenty years.  Due to the basic nature of the inspection we do not normally recommend this level of service.


The Homebuyers report is more in depth than the condition report. Although it will not provide a valuation of the property, the survey focuses on the condition of each element of the building and provides advice on whether any immediate or long term measures are required. The survey is ideal for prospective purchasers who wish to understand the full potential and future maintenance needs of the property.


Building Survey (Level 3):

Formerly called a structural survey, a Building Survey is suitable for large, run-down, older, unusual or altered properties, as well as being suitable if major works are planned. It costs more than the other RICS reports as it provides detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property.


Specific Assessment Survey:

We can undertake specific defect reports, either in relation to specific structural defects, structural movement or other concerns that a prospective purchasers or homeowners may have. These potential defects may have been raised as part of a survey prepared by a purchasers’ mortgage company or general concerns regarding your property.



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